• Arda

Let's see...

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Are you feeling overwhelmed and struggling on where to start? Don't worry you are not alone! Every property investor has a story to tell and every investor had their first starting point just like everybody else. Property investment can be very rewarding, exciting and a challenging journey, not just for beginners but for everyone! Fortunately, with data abundance, easy access to information and correct market research, this risk can be minimised.

This first post may not be what you expect to hear or what you feel excited for the most. Believe me, I know how much there is to know and learn about in property world! I am excited as much as you are! But before you even start thinking of investing, you have to ask yourself the questions: "What does property investment mean to you?, What do you aim to get in the long-term?, What are your financial goals?, How much are you willing to invest and what returns do you target?, Do you prioritise cash-flow or capital appreciation?, What property strategies interest you the most and do you have the time and commitment to take full responsibility of your investment or you rather prefer it to be managed for you?, Do you know what is an asset and a liability?" Once you establish your Whats & Whys on the most important aspect - "your plan", only then we shall bring answers to those property investment questions together. A plan, a strategy will determine what your investment criteria will be and make you realise what works for you and what does not. Because every property investment strategy is unique in their own way and has its own pros & cons just like every other investment. Before we even get into the details of property investment, let's understand why people invest in this massive REAL ESTATE WORLD in the first place.

Due to rapidly increasing population, the property market has been increasing at a certain rate. As more people needing houses, there are more properties being built. This correlates to the supply&demand principle, as there is more demand, there is also more supply being created. This results in property market inflation, which we have been seeing since 1960s as property prices have been doubling in 10 years on average. This massively growing market creates more rooms, opportunities and strategies for people like you and me who understand why property investment can bring solid returns!

There are various property investment strategies across the UK, from classic buy-to-lets to HMOs, flips, "convincing" lease option agreements and many more... We will explore each of these steps together in future blogs with market information and post-code analysis! Stay put!